How to get newborn to sleep in crib – How can i do it?

Newborn babies are bundles of joy for every parent. Babies sleep for several hours, about 14 to 18 hours every day. Parents go through a lot before they can get their babies to sleep. Sometimes, it is easy to get a newborn baby to sleep easily in your arms, and most time they prefer to be just there than anywhere else, that’s why it is quite difficult to get them to sleep in their crib because babies prefer to fall asleep in cozy comfort.

How to get baby to sleep in crib without crying it out

Come to think of it, where the babies stayed for the past 9 months used to be comfy, calm, warm, and secure. And now, all of a sudden you wanting them to sleep in a hard, empty, crib on their own seem too much for them. So here are some tips on how to get your newborn baby sleep in the crib.

  • Putting the crib in your room

The first step in trying to make babies sleep in a crib is to provide a sleep environment for the baby, which is also a safe place. If there is a space in your room, it would be better to set the crib for the baby in your room for at least six months, or more preferably, the first year.

Putting the crib in your room will make your newborn baby be aware of your presence. The scariest part of sleeping in a crib is for the baby not to feel the presence of the parents, sometimes, it’s not the crib; it’s the fact that you are not close. Being assured of your presence within and around the room makes them sleep easier and comfortable.

  • The temperature of the room

Keeping the room warm is the key. Babies love it when it is warm because the womb is warm and cozy, and the same is applicable to our arms and blossom. So it’s important to make the room and the crib warm.

You can put a warm water bottle under the crib just to make the crib warm up nicely, but please do not put the baby on the warm bottle, make sure to remove the warm water bottle before laying the baby in the crib.

Also, you should try dressing the baby up in order to make them more comfortable and warm. Dressing them in a sleeper that can’t entangle the toes is one way to achieve that, but make sure it is a fabric suitable for the temperature of the room. A swaddle can also be added for additional warmth and security too.

In all of these, try as much as possible not to make the room and crib too warm or too congested for adequate ventilation.

  • Routine

Try to get your baby to follow a routine as early as possible. It allows the baby to know what is happening. Try creating a routine that you can follow anytime you want to sleep. Making a routine doesn’t have to be complex or timed to the minute or extensive or fancy.

It just has to be something along the line. It can be reading a short story, cuddling, feeding them, bathing them, and putting them in their crib. Whenever they wake up at night, feed them, change their diapers if needed, cuddle them back to sleep, and make sure you reduce talking to them and stop other distractions.

Whenever you are doing this routine, make sure the time suits you and the baby. One important thing about routine is keeping to them daily, stick to them: bath (around 7:30 in the morning), feeding (8 am), Playtime and bedtime (8:20 to 9 am) and same applicable to night time also. Some parents try skipping a bath at night.

Doing this doesn’t help the baby to settle at night. So it’s important to give them a warm bath at night. Bathing at night is a very good way of soothing the baby and as a reminder that it is nearly bedtime.

  • Make the crib homely

When making a baby’s crib, try to make the crib pleasant, cozy, attractive, and fascinating. In short, make the crib a place they look forward to having a sound sleep. Choose appealing bedding; allow them to spend quiet and quality time in the crib with board books and soft music sounds while you are close to them.

Hang some soft toys over the baby crib and beside the baby crib. Make sure everything around the baby crib is colorful, the toys, the wall, the bedding, and even the crib, you can decide to paint the crib different types of color.

Try as much as possible to create a positive experience surrounding their time in the crib. In all of these, ensure safety as much as you can especially when you put stuffed toys around the baby; arrange them in a way that will not expose them to the risk of suffocation.

  • Laying the baby in the crib

Laying the baby in the crib is done in a certain way. You can’t just put your baby in the crib and turn your back, you have to be sure that the baby is comfortable with how he’s laid and that the baby is also safe. When the baby is asleep or about to sleep, you have to make sure that he is laid on the back to sleep.

When laying the baby down, make sure that her legs are at the tip of the crib and avoid covering the head. The best place to cover a baby up to is her shoulder. Also, make sure that the baby crib is a standard one. A standard crib is known for its depth and bars that are spaced out accordingly.

Babies need to lay on a firm and flat surface, so do not use a pillow for your baby in the crib. Pillows can be dangerous at times for baby’s necks when not used properly. When your newborn baby is asleep, please, remove all soft toys around them in a crib and also hanging above them.

Babies under 6 months should not have toyed around them when sleeping. Another tip when laying your baby in the crib is to leave a monitor in the room where they sleep so that you can watch or listen to them when you are not in the room. Another important thing to do while laying or while your baby is asleep in the crib is never to allow a pet to sleep in the crib with them. Nets such as cast nets can be used to prevent pets from entering the crib to join the baby.


I hope these few tips on how to get newborn to sleep in crib has been helpful. For more information on basic baby and mother care, you can check out other articles on this page.