How to make baby sleep on his own – Top secret for new moms

How to make baby sleep on his own? – If you have been finding it challenging to get your baby to fall asleep on their own without much gymnastics, I’m sure you are out here looking for tips to help you work in that area. The truth is that babies can surely fall asleep on their own without needing your help, as long as you can train them to do that without you being there to appease them.

Training babies is not an overnight job, it takes weeks or months of work, but you need to be patient with them. Once they start to sleep without you giving them breast milk, a bottle or pacifier, or cuddling them, they will be able to fall back asleep on their own even if they wake up at night without disturbing your sleep are well fed.

Some of the reasons why a baby might feel clingy or restless despite the glaring sleepiness on its face are either because the baby is hungry, needs a diaper change, sick (teething or any other form that could make the baby touchy) or needs a shower.

Once any of these have been addressed, you can take a further step by practising some of these tips to get your baby to fall asleep on his or her own and relieve you from stress.

How to get your baby to sleep without being held

Make sure the baby is awake before laying him down to sleep

All babies cry when you lay them down to sleep; they will always want to fall asleep in your arms or on the back. That can be stressful since you have a lot of chores and personal stuff to do, so ensuring the baby is awake before putting her to bed is one of the methods to use to train them to fall asleep without attending to them.

Once the baby is ready to sleep or is sleeping already in your arms and are prepared to lay him down in a crib, make sure he’s slightly awake or wake him if he’s sleeping already. By doing this, you are teaching the baby that he can always go back to sleep once he’s awake in the bed instead of crying for someone to make him go back to sleep.

For the first few times, he will cry and protest, pat her in her crib or even cuddle her if necessary, but as time goes on, she will get used to it, and he will be able to go back to sleep without your assistance. You have to be patient and consistent.

Do not feed him to sleep

All babies will want their mothers to feed them to sleep; most of them won’t fall asleep if they don’t have anything to suck on. It can either be breast sucking or sucking from the bottle. To get babies to sleep on their own, you have to stop feeding them to sleep.

It seems like the easiest way to get them to sleep, but it becomes more difficult to change with time as they grow. To achieve this, make sure the baby is adequately fed when awake and a little while before going back to sleep, so there will be enough to sustain them while sleeping.

When the baby wakes up but still feeling sleepy, you can always give a pat on the back or rock him back to sleep instead of nurturing him back to sleep. By doing this, he will gradually learn to sleep on his own without waiting for something to suck on.

Falling asleep without rocking

The next step is to train a baby to sleep without rocking him. After you have been able to put your baby to sleep without sucking, the next thing is to make your baby sleep without rocking. Most babies want to be rocked or have the feeling that someone is near before they fall asleep and may not fall asleep without you rocking them.

The reason for this is because it somehow provides a sense of security they get used to. When your baby is falling asleep, stay still, don’t move, place the infant in your arms, so that your baby gets used to sleeping without being rocked.

If the child tries to protest by crying, stand up to rock again until they quiet down, stay still, and place the baby in your arms again. Repeat this until the baby gets used to it. Trust me, this will take a lot of time and dedication, but you will love the result, which will be a lot of relief for you.

Falling asleep in Bed

Once your baby can successfully sleep without rocking, you can begin to teach him or her how to fall asleep. After eating and playing with your baby and the baby look sleepy, you can hold in your arms for a while then put the infant in bed while still awake but sleepy.

The reason for this is that the baby must know that he or she is sleeping in the bed and not your arms so that they will get used to it. Doing that for the first time is not going to be easy because the child will surely protest and might not even go back to sleep immediately even after you bring him or her back in your arms, so you need the patience to do this.

As time goes on, your toddler will gradually get used to sleeping in the cot or bed and make less protest until he or she finally adapts to the change. Then they can sleep in a bed without you rocking or holding them in your arms.

Touching in bed

Touching in bed should be the final stage of babies falling asleep on their own. Once you no longer feed them to sleep, and they can fall asleep without rocking and sleep in the bed while awake, the next and final step is holding their fingers while in bed.

It’s common among babies to hold on to you while they are sleeping, so once they can successfully sleep in a bed, you proceed to hold their fingers. They will finally be able to fall asleep with just holding your hands. Keep doing this until they accept the changes and get used to it.

This step should not be too hard to do this stage should not take as long as the others because as time goes on, you can always use something else as a substitute. The substitute can be a toy, a cloth, a pillow, or any other suitable thing you feel you can use, but remember to remove them once the baby is asleep, so they don’t roll over or get suffocated on these objects.


After this last step, you now have a baby who you can put in bed while awake and fall asleep on their own without needing your help. This gives you ample time to do everything on your to-do list before the baby stirs or wakes up. Once you get through the process of how a baby can sleep on his own, you’d realize it becomes much easier to care for a baby and work through other responsibilities.