Top baby care tips for new moms in 2020 – Top ideas for new moms

Nothing feels good like holding your newborn and watching the adorable face of the little one you just pushed to life. I’m sure you have looked forward to this day and have prepared so well ahead, so let’s get straight to baby care tips for new moms.

You must have read lots of books and searched the internet looking for tips to prepare you for this beautiful journey with your baby. And up until the time you had your baby, you felt so ready to take on the role of a new mother of a beautiful baby.

But a few hours or days later, you seem confused, you don’t understand what you are doing wrong, you have tried all you know, but it seems they are inadequate and you are now on the verge of losing it.

Like no one ever told you that the joy of motherhood has some unpleasant behind-the-scene experiences where nothing you do can stop the little one from crying, now you feel so exhausted and would love to join your baby to cry.

Now, take a long, deep breath because I have something to tell you: “you are not alone.” Almost every new mom has at one point, or the other felt unprepared and exhausted despite their level of preparedness for their newborn.

But here’s the good news, they pulled through, adjusted, and lived happily ever after, so I’m going to share you some of the tips and hacks that worked for them, and I really hope it will work for you as well because we are all in this together sis.

Honestly, caring for a newborn child, especially if it’s your first can be overwhelming that you may end up missing out on those precious moments with the child, but once you get the tricks, you’d see that it’s not so hard after all.

Nursing care tips for new moms

baby care tips for new moms

  • Live in the moment

My very first tip for you is to live in the moment. Trust me, both you and your child need all the pampering you can get. But it seems we mothers forget this and therefore worry about feeding the baby, doing the laundry, pumping, and buying stuff for the baby so much that you forget about YOU.

I mean, if you don’t take care of you, who will? Almost everyone worries about how the baby fares, why not take time to worry about how you are doing, and every other thing outside what the baby needs. I mean, you have the permission to leave the laundry for a while and enjoy the precious little moments you can get to admire the life you brought forth. Bask in the euphoria of being a new mom and relax. C’mon, you can’t stay tensed all day.

  • Ask for help

Secondly, new moms, you should ask for help whenever you need help. Don’t assume that everyone knows what you are passing through and will extend a hand, nor should you take on everything like a macho, there are days you should say no to some tasks and ask for help without feeling guilty.

Trust me, being a mother is challenging; it is hard work, so you see why you don’t have to do it all alone. Allow some little help here and there, and you’d be surprised at how willing the people around you are to help if only they know what you need.

And it’s not just about the chores, there are times you need to share your feelings, vent your anger and exhaustion, talk to someone about the stress, this wouldn’t make you less of a mother, but gives you a clearer view on how to do it better.

There are therapists, nannies, counselors, and even family and friends who are more than willing to share in your burdens, so momma, don’t keep it all in.

  • Breastfeeding

Decide if you want to breastfeed or feed your baby in bottles. This will help you plan ahead and know when to introduce bottles. Some say it’s best to introduce babies to bottle around 6 to 8 weeks, but you need to identify which works best for you while considering factors like work, schedules, and other activities in between.

  • Understanding your baby

Understand your baby. Babies have patterns, sometimes steady for a long time, other times it changes over a short period of time, but its best if you can identify the patterns. The patterns you should take note of include but not limited to sleep patterns; this helps you prepare yourself ahead of that time so that you can sleep when baby sleep.

Although this doesn’t usually happen, the best tip a mom can get is to take a break when the baby is asleep so as to get enough rest for other tasks later on. It is also important to identify the eating pattern. Once you get these patterns, you can easily predict what your baby wants at any given time, thus leaving you more prepared and less tensed or overwhelmed.

  • It takes time

You don’t have to understand everything at a go; most of the tricks we learn as mothers are more from trial and error than from the books we read ahead. In fact, I actually learnt more while nursing a newborn than what I was told or taught in pregnancy.

This is because what works for some kids may not work for you, and you may have to improvise or understand your baby to get the best result. One of the most worrisome aspects of baby care is soothing.

It can be as easy as it can be frustrating. In the first few weeks, it is usually difficult to know what your baby wants, but with time, you get to understand what each fuss stands for. Sometimes all they want could be a cuddle or a diaper change; some babies fuss a lot before they sleep while on many occasions, a warm bath would do the trick. With time, you get to identify each signal and become more than ready to meet those needs.


This page on baby care tips for new moms offers you all you need to know about caring for your baby as the first-time mother. While caring for your baby is very important, your child needs you to be in good condition because it is only then you can offer the best care as a mom. In other words, the best baby care you can give your child is to be strong, healthy, and ready anytime. If you don’t take care of them, who will?

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