15 Best bassinet for small spaces 2020 – Safe sleeping environment

Are you just moving to your new apartment and you are faced with the daunting task of choosing the best sleeper for your kids due to small space, this post on the best bassinet for small space solves your problem easily. You no longer have to worry about where you can keep your babies comfortable as you can trust the bassinets to do the caring.

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Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bassinet
  • Durable frame 
  • Vibrations & twinkle lights with rotating stars
  • Breathable mesh on interior
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Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet
  • Mesh sides for breathability
  • Safe sleeping environment
  • Soft padding, calming vibrations, and gentle swaying
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Disney Baby Ultimate Sweet Beginnings Bassinet
  • Comforting environment for babies
  • Large storage basket
  •  Recommended for babies 0-5 months
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Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet
  • Made from soft durable material
  • Breathable
  • Comfy and safe for kids
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Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet
  • Mesh design for ventilation
  • Spacious, detachable and washable
  • Soft and safe
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Primo Cocoon Folding Bassinet
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Protective mesh canopy
  • Breathable mesh
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Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet
  • Surrounded by breathable mesh
  • Easy to transport
  • Comfy and safe for babies
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Simmons Kids sleep bassinet
  • Adjustable height design
  • Comfy environment for babies
  • Perfect for all mothers
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Ronbei Baby Bassinet
  • Air mesh on both sides for ventilation
  • Comfortable space to rest
  • Quick and easy to install
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Kidsclub Baby bassinet
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Keeps babies comfortable
  • Mesh for ventilation
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Baby Delight bassinet
  • Enhances babies sleep
  • Great sleep environment for babies
  • Safe and comfortable
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Ingenuity Dream & Grow Bedside Bassinet
  • Comfy and convenient for babies
  • Lightweight
  • Quality mesh for breathability
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INFANS 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet
  • Skin friendly
  • Perfect for newborn
  • Easy to adjust design, lightweight and portable
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HALO Bassinest
  • Attractive design
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Comfy environment
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Delta Children Deluxe Bassinet
  • Mesh sides
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for small rooms
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Bassinets have been in used over the years by nursing mothers and mostly used in creche and daycare centers. But out focus on this page is not on the importance but on helping mothers select the right one especially for those who have limited space in their homes.

So, without further ado, let us go through the list of the bassinet you can consider if you fall in the categories of those with small space in their home. I bet you will love the foldable ones from the list.

Bassinet for small spaces – Safe sleeping environment for babies

1. Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bassinet

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2. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions BassinetCheck Latest Price

3. Disney Baby Ultimate Sweet Beginnings Bassinet – Bassinet for baby girl

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4. Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet

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5. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

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6. Primo Cocoon Folding Bassinet

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7. Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet – Bassinet for girl

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8. Simmons Kids sleep bassinet

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9. Ronbei Baby Bassinet

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10. Kidsclub Baby bassinet

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11. Baby Delight bassinet

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12. Ingenuity Dream & Grow Bedside Bassinet

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13. INFANS 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet

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14. HALO Bassinest

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15. Delta Children Deluxe Bassinet

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Choosing a quality baby bassinet for small spaces – Things to consider

Best bassinet for small space

When it comes to choosing the right bassinet for your kids and you have a small space in your home, then there are important things that you need to consider.

  • The floor space

Since you do not have ample space and you do not have the capacity to get a bigger apartment, then you should consider getting a small bassinet. The first thing you need to look out for is the space you have in your room. Look at the place you intend to position the bassinet and see to it that you know the dimension before you opt-out to purchase one.

You can take the reading with a tape rule or measurement line and get a bassinet with the size dimension that falls in the range of the measurement you have.

  • Bassinet size and design

Since you have the measurement of the floor space in your room, it is easier for you then to get the perfect size of the bassinet that will fit the room conveniently without causing any form of inconvenience. Bassinets come in different sizes from the smallest to the largest.

For those with small space, the best is the smallest size. But while doing that, be more attentive to how convenient the bassinet will be for your baby. If your baby is big, you might want to consider a medium or big size. Therefore, the size of your baby is another factor to consider.

  • The construction

The materials used in the construction of the bassinet is another factor that you should never overlook. I have seen some parents complain about returning bassinets as a result of a damaged frame and some other underlying issues. Such can easily be avoided if you carefully give attention to the materials used in the construction of the bassinet.

Also, you should look at an important aspect of it which is the foldable style. Since you do not have the whole space to leave the bassinet unfolded when your baby is not placed in it, then you should consider getting a bassinet that comes with a foldable frame.

That means, once your baby is out of the bassinet, you can easily fold it and keep it stored in a secured place until there is a need for it again.

  • Comfort and convenience

You should not just give all your attention to the material, design, and all then miss out on the comfort and convenience of your baby in the bassinet. You need to consider the material that the sleeping compartment is made off. Some come with mesh material which makes it lightweight and most importantly breathable for adequate ventilation needed for babies to have sound sleep.

So, you should consider the breathability, and how convenient the environment is for your baby.

  • Price

The price of bassinets ranges in the market from high to low and most times, the price determines the quality of the products. So, if you are getting a quality bassinet, you should be ready to spend a substantial amount of money. I believe spending big to get a comfy sleeping environment for your babies is never a wrong investment.

Frequently asked questions

Can i wash the bassinet if it gets dirty?

Obviously, nothing should stop you from washing a bassinet except if the one you got has sophisticated frames that you can workaround. If not, all you’ve got to do is to get a clean cloth, get detergent, and scrub the stained part while you leave outdoor to airdry.

Does bassinet come with a sheet and mattress?

Apparently, most bassinet should come with a sheet and mattress. However, those that come with it might not be too comfy and convenient for your baby which is why most parents do get some extra mattress for padding or probably replace with the one that comes with the bassinet.

When should I begin using bassinets?

The very moment you step your feet into your home is the right time to start using a bassinet. you need to create an environment for your baby so he or she can sleep comfortably without any sign of discomfort.

How many bassinets do I need?

You do not need more than one bassinets except if the one you have is old and has traces of damages which could affect the comfort of your kids. If not, one bassinet is okay for your baby. On the off chance that you have set of twins, it is best that you opt for bassinets designed for twins instead of getting two pairs of bassinet set.


Choosing the right or perfect bassinet for your babies especially if you’ve got a small space at home can be daunting. We have envisaged this day and therefore demystify the task with the lists of the best bassinet for small space you can consider. You are never going to regret any of your decision now or in the future. Get your babies the perfect sleeping environment today!

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