Take this quiz to find out if you have Postpartum Deficiencies!

The Quiz

How likely are you to be postnatally depleted? 

Tally up your number and compare them to the final scoring chart below.

  • Score 20 or more: Postnatal depletion very likely
  • Score 15 to 19: Postnatal depletion likely
  • Score below 15: Postnatal depletion unlikely

If your score is 15 or above, you're on the right track to healing. We'll see you for our webinar to learn more about depletion. From there, we'll get you on a care plan to experience a fully enjoyable life that starts with a healthy you.

Use the following questions as a guide to see how likely your chances of experiencing postnatal depletion are.

1. Have you had a medical condition start during or after pregnancy?

8. Do you feel you are a “light sleeper” and are overly aware while you’re sleeping?

7. Are you experiencing levels of anxiety that are way above your norm?

6. Do you have sensitivity to bright light ( or reptitive sounds) and are you easily startled?

9. Do you have any sex drive or a healthy libido?

4. Do you feel exhausted on waking?

10. Do you experience severe brain fog?

11. Are you struggling to keep up with basic self-care, such as showering, grooming, and preparing meals for yourself?

12. Are you experiencing a significant loss of confidence and self-esteem?

15. Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope?

13. Do you have a sense of isolation and lack of support?

16. Do you feel a sense of guilt/shame or failure around your role as a mother?

14. Do you feel that “there is no time for me”?

5. Do you fall asleep unintentionally when putting the children to bed?

2. Do you feel you have digestive issues that have worsened since the birth of your child? These issues may include constipation/diarrhea, flatulence/abdominal pain, and/or lethargy associated with meals.

3. Do you experience severe fatigue?

No = 0  |  Sometimes = 1  |  Frequently = 2  |  All The Time = 3

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